Creating a fairy tale is our passion. In every story there is a hero who lives through a vortex of exciting events. When creating decorations, we immerse ourselves into the passionate nature of fairy tales, following them, barely breathing with excitement. And we do it again and again. With a dreamy precision, we take a ride in the hero’s carousel of emotions, while also holding on to the fundamentals: quality and uniqueness.


Creating a sense of celebration in urban environments – that’s us. Passionately we play with lights both in streets and squares. We create minute light shows, where shadows highlight the most prominent features of the city lost on us in the rush of a daylight. Lights surface emotions; there’s something unutterably magical about them. And we are on the first name basis with all lights.


The Christmas tree is one of the most central and oldest symbols of Christmas. When crafting Christmas tree decorations, we draw inspiration from both holiday classics and contemporary design trends. We combine different colors, shapes, and materials, making each tree a unique artwork.


Our creative team will come up with uniquely designed decorations just for you! From a single decoration to a perfectly designed set of decorations—everything is possible. Therefore, being visual is our passion, every detail has its meaning, and the story comes to life once we open our hearts. Miracles dwell right next to you; you just need to look into the brightly glowing eyes of festivities and be ready to enter the fairy tale. Would you like to tell the story yourself? Or you’d rather have a walk in the glittery world of wonder together with us?


Modern classics. Christmas bulb ornaments of different sizes and colors are elegant and up-to-date festive decorations. We produce both technologically sophisticated LED solutions with integrated color-shift controls as well as convenient and widely popular light objects. Light bulbs not only serve as festive ornaments, but also as a light decor throughout the year, anywhere and anytime. Contact us and order your own light bulbs!