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pagrindinės dekoracijos

pagrindinės dekoracijos

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Kalėdinis kelias Rygoje

The Fairytale Pathway invites residents of Riga and guests of the city to take a wonderful winter walk through Opera Park, Bastejkalns and Kronvalda Park. In total, more than 9,000 meters of different types of light strings shine on the Christmas Fairytale Pathway. The light strings are specially designed by December Design. For several years […]

Jūrmalos Kalėdų eglutė

Jurmala city main Christmas tree is located in Majoru Square and it is named “Ethno”. When creating the overall design concept of the Christmas tree, we were mindful of the local historical values, accentuating them with modern materials. The contours of the ethnographic symbol “Māras līklocis” and fragments of other ethnographic symbols can be seen […]

Kalėdos Lielvārde

The decoration of the Lielvārde belt, inspired by Latvian folk signs and ethnographic symbols, as well as the scenic bends of the Daugava River, is placed in Rembate Park in Lielvārde. The total length of the composition is 12 meters. Christmas tree instalation complements the Lielvārde belt and is also made in the stylistics of […]

Šviesos balionas

The remarkable and interactive Light Balloon is one of the most complex Christmas decorations in terms of design in 2020 in the Baltics. Several details are made exclusively, preserving a traditional technological solution – painting, embroidery, and others. The 12-meter-high decoration is raised above the ground and placed on a special platform that simulates the […]

Vintažinio lėktuvo kopija

Trimatė dekoracija „Vintažinio lėktuvo kopija“ unikali kiekvienu aspektu. Tai 1:1 mastelio modelis, jo struktūra atitinka originalų lėktuvą šimtu procentų. Lėktuvą apšviečia 16 900 šviesos diodų, jame įtaisyta prietaisų skydo ir besisukančio propelerio imitacija.