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Kalėdos Liepojoje 2021 m.

From a flying Light Balloon in the centre of the city and a shining slide for kids, to fabulous Christmas pram driving around – the city of Liepāja shines in the festive mood even brighter than in previous years. The remarkable and interactive hot air balloon pleases all Christmas enthusiasts, while the 12-meter-high Christmas tree, […]

Duobelės pilies griuvėsiai

Dobele is a town on the west of Latvia’s capital city Riga. Dobele is rich in ancient tales of hidden treasures and enchanted treasure chests. One of the legends says that there is a box full of gold and silver in the basement of Dobele Castle. Whoever can find it and unlock it will own […]


Įvairių dydžių 2–3 metrų aukščio pastatomų dekoracijų kompozicija ir trimatės pakabinamosios dekoracijos visame Stoties parke Jelgavoje. Priderintos žibintų dekoracijos senamiestyje.

Kalėdos Ogrėje

Ogre is the perfect example on how to improve boost the tourism during low season. Thanks to Christmas decorations made by December Design the interest in Ogre as a tourism destination in winter months is even higher than in summer. Such popular and beloved decorations as the shiny bauble alley and the carriage have been […]